Malwarebytes free Installation Windows, Mac, Android & iOS

Malwarebytes free

Download it, but skip the Premium (paid version) payment method if you want to purchase it. After all, you can switch from FREE to Premium, so the FREE start is recommended for the compatibility check. Of course, Premium comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, so you’ll have a perfect follow-up in any case. Since the destination is the same halfway and FREE is not registered, the official page Let’s go to download Malwarebytes for Mac.

Cancel automatic subscription.

60-day money-back guarantee.

Malware is messed up


FREE is also displayed at the bottom (from here if the screen is small).

Malwarebytes payment page

Download starts automatically after the FREE click.

Malwarebytes installation

Premium (paid version) payment method

Mysterious bug when paying? There is a bookmark, so if you don’t buy it now, skip to the installation.

* The screen turns blank when you press the “Buy Now” button. Wait at least 5 minutes.


Payable in all Languages

Payment flow

Step 1- From official page to payment page

Select paid version

Step.2 – plan contents

1 year or 2-year plan, change the number of devices (terminals)

Step.3- Enter payment information

Enter your email address, credit card, or equivalent

Step.4 – Purchase success screen

Copy and download the key to make it Premium

Link to the official page and free you from malware anxiety.

Watch Malware bytes

* Change the number of devices and the number of contract years on the payment page

When you launch Malwarebytes, you can also go to the payment page from “Upgrade Now” in the upper right corner.

malwarebytes free homepage

This will take you to the payment page, so change it to something more convenient. Things that can be changed. Contract years (up to 2 years), a number of devices (terminals), currency, country, language.

60-days money-back guarantee?

Although the official claim is a 60-day money-back guarantee, if the language is changed to “Japanese” instead of “English”, it will be downgraded to 30 days for some reason. As a result of the inquiry, “If it is not 60 days, it will be updated, ” but if you do not know sometimes, if you want to force 60 days, change the language to “English”.

Payment will be made by credit card.

* I do not know PayPal, but credit card payments are automatically subscribed. If you do not want to continue, let’s cancel it with the guide of the setting article introduced last. Wait after payment!

If you press the “Buy Now ” button under the card information entry field, you will not be able to tell whether it is loading with a blank display, so wait at least 5 minutes and at most 10 minutes. I was able to get to the purchase screen in 3 minutes (reported to 2Checkout).

PayPal may be irrelevant (the payment screen is different), so if you already have it, use PayPal. As a result, when I tried to verify this bug (browsing back and forth), I purchased one extra (refund completed).

In other words, it is correct to wait without doing anything when a pure white display appears.

Malwarebytes free

If you return on a blank screen, it is on hold and there is a high probability that it will not be treated as the payment completed, and you will receive an “Order not confirmed email” 10 minutes to 1 day later!

Details of the above phenomenon

* Do not disguise the country! Since the consumption tax varies depending on the country of stay, do not assume that you purchased in another country.

Protect your real name by correctly inputting pseudonym / fake personal information

You should only lie about the information that you don’t need, such as “address entry required” but only data. This method makes moral injuries.

About PayPal

Payment methods other than credit card

When the order is completed, the Order completion.

If you are going to download now, copy the activation key and move down the page with the above image and continue reading.

If you have already installed, check the following “(1) Who pressed the ACTIVATE button “.

① Those who pressed the ACTIVATE button

Proceed with your OS, here ” Download ” of Windows.

Then you will get to the download page of the selected OS.

Since the rest is the same as the normal installation method, cheat the following method.

Install Malwarebytes free

Open the downloaded one.

Click “Yes” in the user account control that excites anxiety, and select your country of residence.

① Select “Personal computer” and press ② “Continue” and ③ “Agree and install”.

* For advanced options, you can change the installation location, etc., and you may look at them.

What if Adware was included?

After starting, the trial version (trial) display will be displayed if you have not used it in the past, and it will be FREE if you have used it.

malwarebytes key

Activate Premium (paid version)

I want to make the resident disabled FREE (free version) right now. Let’s do the first scan for now, and take into account that it took about 10 minutes in my environment. Usually does not need to be turned off.


CPU: i7-4790K, SSD: 256GB, Memory: 16GB, About 600,000 scanned items. The current scan elapsed time is about 2 minutes (it gets faster as you use it).

The first setting (scan schedule adjustment)

By default, the schedule is heavy, so let’s imitate how to use it as if you were using Premium during the trial. With the free version, you can’t use the schedule, so skip to the detailed settings (such as scanning for rootkits). Since the site has real-time protection for sale and negatives about having it scanned daily, adjust the settings to suit your environment (week 1). The schedule initialization is too heavy.

Set to work every day

If the scan time has elapsed and Windows has not been started, the scan will start at the next start. Simply put, when starting Windows, various applications are started and scanning is heavy Of course it’s good to do it every day, but let’s imitate the “Expect Alliance for Real-time Protection”.

For the missing parts and more advanced techniques, refer to the following detailed settings.

Detailed settings (such as scanning for rootkits)

In order to use most settings brilliantly without waste, the following articles are summarized. Even the free version allows you to scan for rootkits that look deeper, so do it just for the first time.

The information described (partial excerpt)- Paid version recommended setting method. Avoid conflicts between the third-party security software and Malwarebytes (exclude folders)

What to do when a website is blocked or quarantined?

Reduce load at the expense of scan time. Advanced scan schedule technique (a combination of threat and hyper scan). Don’t show notifications on selected apps when playing games, fullscreen

How to uninstall using official tools?

Recommended settings of Malwarebytes Premium (paid version) and how to use it. Make good use of a carefully selected set of recommended settings (high speed) to efficiently promote the meaning of the functions and settings I use.

Monitor strong communications

I figured out how to use the free Windows Firewall Control acquired by Malwarebytes and ignore it. Lack of knowledge caused “a phenomenon that does not know which communication is bad “, but there was a way to cheat, so even beginners are introduced to hyperdimensional security.

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