Malwarebytes Anti malware Premium Real-Time Reviews

What to expect from Malwarebytes Anti Malware:

  • Prevents access to and from known malicious websites.
  • Detects malware in real-time before it can infect.
  • It only scans faster to find active threats.
  • Allows you to schedule automatic scans and update your database.
  • Prevents malware from interrupting Malwarebytes or changing its processes.
  • Malwarebytes anti malware can be purchased from the official website for $ 39, $ 99 for a one-year subscription or $ 59, $ 99 for a two-year subscription.
malwarebytes anti malware

Malwarebytes is a product of Californian company Malwarebytes Corporation. Malwarebytes was founded in 2004 with the belief that every internet user has a right to a malware-free web presence. The products are now the most widely used anti-malware solution and can look at more than 100 million downloads. In 2011, the company was awarded CNET. It ranked sixth with 20 million downloads. But also in many other places, the company and its numerous products have been awarded for different operating systems. Malwarebytes is known worldwide and is represented in many social networks.

The offer of Malwarebytes Anti malware at a glance:

 Anti-malware offer for private and business

 Support of the products

 Products partly free of charge

 Awarded several times

 Represented in many social networks

Minimalist: By removing Malware

Clearly defined and without much adornment, the website is designed. Here you focus on the products. These can be reached with a direct click. Each product is extensively described. Most are available both as freeware and as a buy version. All products are clearly arranged in the categories of private users and businesses. The menu is manageable and limited to the essentials. Customers are justifiably right. In the footer, customers will find information about the social networks, the company and the possibilities of contacting them. Malwarebytes anti malware runs a company-owned blog, which is written in English. Other pages are only accessible in English. There are also opportunities to apply as a partner and reseller.

The product range

Malwarebytes focuses on anti-malware for the home and business in its product offering. The products are available for the operating systems Android, Windows and Malwarebytes for Mac in the offer and in various designs. The Malwarebytes software protects against threats from the World Wide Web. For most software offerings, customers can choose between the freeware and the professional version. All products are described in detail and the differences between freeware and purchase version shown exactly. Customers can compare so well which version they need.

Good: the support

Unfortunately, the support pages are only available in English. This is bad for clients who do not speak English well. The help of the software can be used in different ways. On the one hand, customers receive an answer to the frequently asked questions on the website, on the other hand, the software developer can be contacted by mail. The download and installation work but in most cases uncomplicated and well explained.

Reliable: The software

The software of Malwarebytes protects against threats from the Internet. With an anti-malware software, however, one can speak only conditionally of reliable. Although Malwarebytes anti malware continues to evolve, it is difficult to respond to any new threats immediately. The freeware offerings also lack functionality, so comprehensive protection can not be guaranteed. If you value good and up-to-date protection, you should always opt for the premium version. Depending on the version, the software is available as a download article or on a CD.

Fast and easy: Ordering and payment options

Premium versions can be triggered quickly with Malwarebytes and do not require much information. The ordering process is simple and logical. The purchase is secure because data is encrypted by the TLS certification transfer. Customers have many payment options available. Both by credit card and PayPal as well as by bank transfer, direct debit can be paid.

Malwarebytes Test Report Conclusion – Note: Good

The company Malwarebytes Corporation offers with the software Malwarebytes good protection against Internet threats for Windows and Android. The software is as safe in the premium version as an anti-malware can be. There are several gaps in the freeware version. The website is clearly arranged and is only geared to the product. Soho’s blog and support pages are only available in English. Many payment options and a simple order process make purchasing easy. The download also works effortlessly. Malwarebytes completes the test of with the grade “good”.

Real Reviews Malwarebytes Anti malware premium

Problem with malwarebytes anti-malware — Hello, here I have a problem with malwarebytes, infact I can’t manage to update this software at all anymore which says “no update available”. I uninstall and reinstall it but nothing helps, on the contrary now it tells me that the database is outdated and when I correct it puts the same message “no update available”. So you understand my frustration, I would like to know what is causing this I think maybe a bug. But if someone is kind enough to answer me, I would be really happy, hoping that this subject does not stay forever suspended like the one I posted earlier, otherwise I give up, and thank you in advance to the person who will answer me.

At last, this problem is solved by Malwarebytes team.