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Free Malware Removal 2020 Protect Computer & Smartphone Data

Statistics on cybercrime are worrying. Last year saw many worldwide blackmail attacks, data thefts, and crypto mining and phishing attempts. The situation is not expected to change in 2019 either. In fact, it’s likely to get worse.  Of course, that doesn’t mean we all unplug the internet and say goodbye to the World Wide Web. No way! However, we certainly need to be much more cautious and look for an extra layer of protection. First, we can prevent the spread of different viruses with effective security software. However, professional malware removers are often expensive software. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of 2019 best free malware removal tools to show you that you don’t need to buy expensive software packages to protect your computer from infections. Many of the antimalware programs on our list are available in premium paid versions, which may provide some extra protection with Extra Unique Features. 

We would like to point out that you must be alert to scams spreading over the Internet. Fraudsters can try to get us to buy useless software or malware disguised as antivirus programs. The following programs may also be downloaded exclusively from their own websites or from their authorized distributors. 

1. AVG AntiVirus Free also provides real-time protection


AVG is a well-known security software company acquired in 2016 by Avast. By joining forces, the two antivirus companies have a large user base. AVG’s best-known products are AVG Antivirus, AVG Ultimate and AVG Internet Security. The products include free software. We don’t have to pay for it, but it is considered one of the most trusted malware removers. It has also been named the number one antimalware remover.  The most important feature of AVG AntiVirus Free is protection against malicious downloads: they are removed before they enter the system. There is no problem, however, if a malware still bypasses this protection because AVG prevents the malware from running. All new files are scanned and any malicious copies are immediately removed. 

Also, good news is that AVG’s free software is getting real-time security updates. This way, you can be sure that your computer is protected from the latest malware, such as new blackmail viruses and spyware that pop up every day. The antivirus also blocks dangerous links, downloads, and malicious email attachments, reducing the risk of phishing attacks. However, this includes the fact that, according to independent studies, other security programs provide better protection against phishing. Last but not least is the AVG Web TuneUp plugin, which makes browsing safer when installed in browsers. Great choice. You don’t have to believe it, give it a try. According to the developers of the program, everyone will enjoy the new, simpler user interface, which clearly shows the methods of protection against malware attacks. An important detail is that AVG AntiVirus won’t slow down your computer. If you are interested in additional features, you can opt for the full protection premium version for $ 70 a year. 

AVG’s security software protects computers and mobile devices running the following systems:

Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista and XP SP3);

Mac OS X (OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion and above);

Android OS (2.2 and above).

Real-time protection against malware System scan is slower than average Despite its minor drawbacks, AVG AntiVirus is one of the best free solutions that can provide complete protection for computers and mobile devices.    
Excellent results on several independent tests Less good protection against phishing
It blocks malicious websites well  
Available on both PC and mobile devices  

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free provides award-winning protection without slowing down your computer


Bitdefender Antivirus works with a new technology called behavioral authentication. It constantly monitors applications running on your computer and looks for suspicious activity. If you notice any abnormal behavior, you are immediately ready for work.  Free antivirus also protects against Trojan viruses, worms, blackmail viruses, spyware, rootkits and zero day exploits. Apparently provides full real-time protection against all possible pests. And with its machine learning technology, it prevents fraudulent websites and other phishing content from being opened. It does not display annoying notifications of free Bitdefender updates, but does everything in the background independently.

One of the biggest benefits of Bitdefender’s free antivirus is that it handles your computer’s resources. After a quick installation, you will not notice any slowdown, no interruption of videos or games, etc. It runs completely unnoticed in the background. The tests clearly won Bitdefender.

Bitdefender is also available as a paid software that offers more features and advanced protection. If you don’t want to pay, you can install the free version of the program. 

The free antivirus can be used on the following systems:

Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 SP1;

Mac OS X;


Excellent results on several independent tests There is no scheduled system scan function The program has been awarded numerous awards, showing excellent test results. Provides general protection. Problems with extra features such as more detailed system scan and scheduled scan may be a problem.   
Excellent protection against phishing Requires a permanent internet connection
Real-time protection against malware  
Easy to use interface  

3. Panda Free Antivirus provides a cloud based solution


Panda antivirus is one of the best free malware removers as it does not require any treatment after installation, it does everything on its own. It is useful to have cloud-based features. This means that most of your components do not need to be stored on your computer or downloaded database updates.  Panda Antivirus also provides secure browsing and shopping. Protects you from web shop fraud and other phishing attempts. The premium version is available for both Windows and Android and includes features such as anti-theft alarm, lock and full wipe, and real-time device location. 

One of Panda’s most important features is USB protection. This feature scans the connected drives and prevents malicious programs from being added to them. A unique feature that provides extra protection for those who frequently use external drives. The disadvantage of the program is that its protection is weaker than that of its free rivals. He did not get very good results from the tests of others or our own. 


Windows (10, 8, 7, Vista and XP SP3);

Mac OS X (OSX 10.8 Mountain Lion and above);

Android OS (2.2 and above).

Checks USB drives Average or below average malware protection. Despite the unique USB protection, the program is just an average antivirus that does not provide maximum protection. Panda Free Antivirus is not the best compared to previous programs.   
Protection of online activities  
Block phishing websites  
Cloud based recovery after malware attack  

4. The free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will remove any malware

Image result for malwarebytes wiki"

Malwarebytes is one of the best malware and spyware removers. There is a premium version, but free anti-malware is also an effective solution. According to the company, the software detects more than 15 million threats every day. The program comes with real-time protection and automatically identifies both old and new threats before they do any damage to the system. Malwarebytes Anti-Malware also has anti-exploit capabilities in addition to its standard anti-blackmail function. A combination of these guarantees that blackmail viruses are removed before files are encrypted, and that sensitive system is protected from exploits. However, this feature is only available in the paid version. Fortunately, the free version is available on both Mac and Windows. Regardless of your operating system, your computer is safe. There is also an Android version that protects the data stored on your mobile device. Features available with the free version of antimalware: Malwarebytes for mac and spyware protection. Identification and removal of threats; Protection against rootkits. Identify and remove rootkits, recover damaged files. It’s a great tool to clean up infected systems, but if you want to use antivirus features for more than 14 days, you’ll need to buy the premium version. It’s only $ 39.99 a year, not particularly expensive.


Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 SP1;SP2

Mac OS X;


Identify and remove malware and spyware The free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware remover can be used. The free Malwarebytes Anti-Malware remover can be used. Excellent features such as ransomware protection are available after the trial period with the premium version.     
Remove rootkits and restore the system  
Ransomware protection  
Malware Protection  
Block malicious websites  
Protection against zero day exploits  

5. The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool is for Windows only


The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool (not to be confused with Windows Defender) is designed for the Windows operating system. It is automatically installed through Windows Update and updates are received on the second Tuesday of every month. You can also manually download it from the official website. Allows you to identify and remove various pests and then reverse the damage. The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool is completely free and easy to use. After running a full system scan, a window will inform you of the results: whether malware has been identified and removed. For the less knowledgeable, Microsoft software can be a good choice. However, this program is worth using along with other antivirus because it can remove few threats. If you choose the Malicious Software Removal Tool, look for another program that can provide real-time protection. With the combination of these two tools, you can create the right protection for your Windows system.

The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool is available on the following operating systems:

Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008.

Built-in security tool for Windows Only a few malware are detected The Microsoft Malicious Software Removal Tool is good for cleaning your Windows system. However, it does not provide real-time protection, although this is an essential feature. It is worth adding other software.   
Monthly updates No real-time protection
Easy use  
Quick malware removal  

6. EXTRA: Free Reimage antivirus software. Clean and restore your computer!

In addition to the free malware removers mentioned above, we also recommend trying Reimage. It is not only use to protect your data, but also to improve your computer’s performance. It can solve problems such as crashes and freezes. It is easy to use and removes malware. Numerous studies have shown that Reimage identifies worms, potentially unwanted programs, and other malicious applications more efficiently than many other antivirus programs. It can detect the following threats: s adware, Trojan viruses, crimeware-s, rootkits, spyware, worms. Reimage also ensures that damaged files are restored and even provides full customer support. The program recovers damaged system files from a database of nearly 25,000,000 elements. After removing a piece of malware, you don’t have to bother with fixing system errors, Reimage solves the situation. And if you’re happy with the software, you can get it for your Smartphone. Reimage is also available for Mac and Windows. The full-featured version is available for € 59.96. 


Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7 SP1;

Mac OS X;


Excellent malware detection No real-time protection Reimage is an excellent tool for cleaning and restoring infected systems. However, you cannot prevent attacks, so use it with other antivirus / antimalware programs.   
Fast system cleaning  
Recover damaged files  
Improves system stability  


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